Minimum $35 charge
Current turnaround time is three weeks

Edge-to-edge quilting
(one design repeated over the entire quilt top)
Many designs available
0.02 (2.0 cents) per square inch

Quilters Dream 100% Cotton (Select) – $12/yard
Quilters Dream 100% Cotton (Deluxe) – $13/yard
Quilters Dream Wool – $14/yard

Superior So-Fine 50 wt.
Lint-free, low/medium sheen polyester
One color included in cost of quilting
Each additional color $5.00

Quilt top 72β€³ x 72β€³ = 5184 square inches
5184 x 0.02 per sq. in. = $103.68

Batting charges additional
Shipping charges additional
(Priority mail w/ insurance 3x cost of quilting)