Preparing Your Quilt

The quality of your pieced top and backing will play a huge role in the quality of your finished quilt.

  • Backing needs to be 8” longer and 8″ wider than the quilt top.  Please do not add any more than 12″.   EXAMPLE:  For a 60 x 60 quilt, your backing would need to be 68 x 68, or as large as 72 x 72
  • Backing MUST be square. See below for additional charge.
  • Press all seams.
  • Remove extra threads, pet hair, etc.
  • If you have a preferred direction for your quilt, please mark the top edge of your quilt top & backing.
  • Please check your quilt top very carefully for any incomplete or improperly pressed seams before shipping/delivering to me.
  • Stay stitching around the perimeter ensures that your seams will stay intact, but this is only recommended if you have seams that haven’t been locked in place.
  • If your quilt has borders, please make sure that you have attached these using an appropriate technique.  Yes, there is a certain way that this needs to be done. If you have not, your quilt will have waves that I may not be able to quilt out.  You can find many resources online by searching for “attaching borders to a quilt.”


You will be notified of these charges ahead of time with an option to have the quilt returned to you to do it yourself.

  • Clip loose threads – $15
  • Squaring backing – $10